Bleached/Blond Hair Is Still In: How Do We Take Care Of It???

Bleached/Blond Hair Is Still In: How Do We Take Care Of It???


Achieving a perfect blonde hair without it going dry, yellow and brassy is without a doubt – difficult! But are there products that will help achieve a nice platinum blonde shade that is also suitable for daily care + nourishes and refreshes hair?

Yes! Our Cameleo - Anti-Yellow Effect Silver Shampoo offers a comprehensive solution to eliminate unwanted yellow shades!

Using a silver shampoo helps counteract yellow reflections which gives blonde, gray and bleached hair a cool and bright platinum shade.



Whether your blond hair is natural or bleached, it requires extra special care! This hair is highly porous and brittle. If you had, or have, blond hair you might notice that your hair would often lack shine and moisture.

Living in cold weather countries, taking a shower with high temperatures is highly tempting! But we all know high temperatures can make our scalp dry and greasy even faster. So as much as you can, try to use lukewarm water to protect your hair from yellowish tones, and your scalp from being dry and greasy; and even more so - produce unwanted dandruff!




Blond, bleached hair needs a lot of moisturizing! So it’s important to not forget to add this to your routine – hence, the role of conditioners! It’s already given but conditioning your hair after each wash helps restore and regenerate your hair. This extra moisture that conditioner add to your hair makes your hair more absorbent, making the products you put on your hair penetrate even deeper into the strands.

Check out our Cameleo BB Anti-Damage - Express Keratin Conditioner and Cameleo Salt-Free Color Care Keratin Conditioner 

Keeping your hair moisturized and still look healthy doesn’t just stop with the use of conditioner. So when you dry your hair, it is also smart to use a damage-erasing and color care serum. Using an oil or serum on hair can help with taking care of rough and brittle, and color treated hair. This will help coat the layers of your hair as you style it, with or without using heat.



Hair serums will control your hair’s frizz, moisturize, soothe hair, and reduce tangles to form. Again, bleached hair is highly porous and brittle so applying  conditioner and then hair oil can help make your hair look shiny and glossy.

Our Cameleo Anti-Damage Hair Serum with Argan Oil or Color Care Serum with Marula Oil will help your hair be protected against damage such as: heat damage (styling tools which requires heat), chemical processing, environmental and mechanical stress.

Taking care of your hair is an investment. Don't hesitate to check out our full range of hair products and enjoy a dyed hair to your liking, but also with a healthy feeling: Mikaela Beauty: Hair Care range

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