Tips for a healthier looking nails: Your Sign To Start Using Bio Vegetable Conditioner for Nails!

Tips for a healthier looking nails: Your Sign To Start Using Bio Vegetable Conditioner for Nails!

Although having your nails professionally done might be easier, you can also maintain a healthier looking (and feeling) nails just at home! On top of that, taking extra home nail care will save you a trip and service expense at the nail salon! 

What could cause damaged nails that you would need a nail oil to treat it?



Continuous cleaning, polishing and filing of nails, especially when acrylics are also applied and removed (using acetone), could result into thinning and damaged nails. This obviously cannot be avoided when you routinely get your nails done.

Getting your nails done is one of the best thing to do for your own confidence and satisfaction, but it also will, again, have its side effects. 



Of course, having your nails done isn't just the sole cause of damaging nails.

Too much exposure of cold, sun and even chlorine and soapy water can cause your nails to be chapped, cracked, and dry - just as much as the same effect it can have to your hands. 

A note for your nails: 

  • under-moisturized nails = dry and brittle nails (this is mostly caused by frequent washing and drying of hands and fingernails)
  • overly moisturized nails = soft and brittle nails (this is mostly caused by overexposure to chemical detergents, cleaners and even nail polish removers)

Lastly, damaging nails could also just be because of....age! Yes. Our nails also change as we age. You may notice it becoming dull, thin and brittle as you age - and it is something we just have to live with and accept as we age!

Well luckily, at Mikaela Beauty, we can offer you a solution for that dry, dull and brittle nails!


Here are some benefits that our Nail Conditioner has in store for your nails:

You may notice that when getting your nails done at nail salons, they would apply a nail oil or nail conditioner as the last step.

This is because applying nail conditioner/oil can help increase circulation around your nails - restoring your nails to health, and therefore, stimulate and help your nail grow and be protected against external factors that damage nails. 

If your nails are dry, dull with grooves, our Delia Smoothing Nail Vegan Conditioner can help you treat that and make your nails smoothed, thicker, harder, regenerated and shiny!



If your nails are soft and brittle, our Delia Hardening Nail Vegan Conditioner can help you treat that and make your nails grow faster, resistant to cracking and splitting!



These vegan conditioners also have general benefits:

  • it contains only dyes of 100% natural origin.
  • it is suitable for vegans.
  • it contains over 80% ingredients of natural origin.

You can use this as a three-day treatment that you can repeat according to your needs! 

  1. On the first day, apply 1-2 layers of conditioner. 
  2. On the second day, apply another layer. 
  3. On the third day, wash the previously applied layers off with a remover and repeat the treatment.

You might also take advantage of your favorite active ingredients in this conditioner including: Tomato seed oil, Celery seed oil, Cranberry seed oil, Corn proteins, Wheat proteins, Soy proteins, Zinc, Silicon, Magnesium, Copper, Iron. 


Visit our full range of nail care (including nail oils and coats) and polish here, and checkout to take advantage of sustainable and affordable nail care while supplies last! 

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