Vegan Nail Polish: Is It Worth It?!

Vegan Nail Polish: Is It Worth It?!

If you are looking to change your nail game to a more healthier, ethical and sustainable choice, then our vegan nail polish might just be the best choice for you and your nails!

Vegan nail polishes also does the job with making your nails look beautiful and improve overall appearance but with better intentions and natural ingredients. 🐇🍃💅

What are some benefits of using vegan nail polish?

  • Cruelty-Free
  • 100% made with natural ingredients
  • Environment friendly
  • Toxic chemical-free to protect nails!


Good news is that, you can take advantage of using vegan nail polish right here at Mikaela Beauty Boutique!





Our Delia Nail Enamel/Polish Trendy Set has:

  • a formula without substances of animal origin, vegan-friendly!
  • a special, flat, deeply polished 3D brush.
  • a quick-drying formula.
  • a wide range of fashionable colors.
  • a flexible formula guarantees a beautiful manicure without chips and damage!

Just apply one or two layers to the cleansed nail plate! Wait until polish dries after each layer. For a better effect, you can apply a base coat and a top coat under the nail polish. (Also have a look at: Coral Top Coat - Acrylic Booster, Coral Top Coat - Hybrid Gel, Super Shine Top Coat for Express Effect)





Vegan and Cruelty-free formulas tend to be cleaner and healthier than the regular and traditional nail polishes there are - therefore makes this choice a lot healthier for your nail game!

Get our limited edition Delia Cosmetics Vegan Nail Polish sets. Available in 5 colour polish swatches per set! Get it now while supplies last!

Well... what about Vegan Nail Conditioners?!

Aside from vegan polishes and coats - vegan nail conditioners can also be of your benefit in taking care and accessorizing your nails! Check out our Bio Vegetable Nail Conditioner benefits here!

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